Welcome to our Females of Impact Series, where we peek into the exciting lives and journeys of our CDTM Alumnae. Today, we have the pleasure to present our interview with Josephine Kühl. Josephine currently holds a role as Consultant at Bain & Company, where she not only drives impact for Bain’s clients, but also contributes shaping Bain’s own culture. As a result of this effort, she was awarded the Spirit Bainie Award 2020 — a peer-nomination based award to celebrate individuals who stand out in making Bain & Company a great place to work for.

Bearing this in mind, we…

The greatest pride of the CDTM is to see their community creating impact and fulfilling their goals and plans, on many instances, to an immeasurable success. Their progress is filled with obstacles, perseverance and hard work, and each story is an unique portrait of resiliency and effort from which we can always learn. On this series, we are going to focus on a subgroup of our Awesome community; our female centrelines. We want these stories to inspire others in their respective fields and aspire to pursuit their own dreams and don’t be afraid of aiming high!

On our community we…

Alexis Gamboa

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